Surgical Counts The Surgical Counts Organization

At Surgical Counts, we know how hard it is to complete a Surgical Technology program and start a new career. Students in these programs have not always had the easiest lives. But despite the personal challenges they’ve faced, they still carry a strong desire to help people. That’s why founder Mark Sowers has dedicated his life to making things just a little easier for these incredible people.

Our Mission

Provide Surgical Technology students and their instructors with free and low-cost tools that help them achieve certification

Services We Provide

Our core product is Surgical Counts, a web application that helps track cases completed by Surgical Technology students. (The Surgical Counts organization grew out of this product.) Surgical Counts is used by thousands of Surgical Technology students across the country every year. We usually charge a nominal fee for this product (about half the price of similar for-profit products), but students who meet certain criteria receive the product for free.

The success of the Surgical Counts platform has allowed us to support Surgical Technology students in several other ways. Here are some of the products and support we’ve been able to provide at no cost:


How We've Given Back
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Annual breakdown of where our support efforts are going.


Our History

What moved our founder Mark Sowers so much he decided to dedicate his life to helping Surgical Technology students.